Learning Focus


Writing - We are learning to summarize our literature circle text using text evidence and strategies learned in our lessons

Reading - We are learning to make connections to the literature circle text and connecting to ourselves, the world, and another book/movie we have read

Oral - We are learning to use descriptive language while discussing our literature circle book and working on our presenter voices

Media - We are learning how advertisements influence our decisions


  • Area and Perimeter of a rectangle

  • Area of a triangle

  • Area of a parallelogram

  • Area counting square units

  • Choosing appropriate units of measurement

  • Converting units

  • Measuring angles with a protractor

  • Drawing angles with a protractor

  • Constructing triangles

  • Telling time to the minute

  • Elapsed time

  • Writing time in words

  • Estimating the time until an event

  • Converting time to 24 hour

  • Line Plots

  • Coordinates

Conservation of Energy and Resources

  • evaluate the social and environmental impacts of processes used to make everyday products

  • conduct investigations that explore the properties of matter and changes in matter

  • demonstrate an understanding of the properties of matter, changes of state, and physical and chemical change.

Gym - We are learning the rules of badminton and how to properly serve, and return the birdie

Health - We have finished our health units for the year

Art - We are learning how to draw one point perspectives

Music, Drama, French, and Dance are taught by Prep Coverage Teachers