Please note a hard copy of this will be sent home on the first day of school!

About Miss Macken

Hello, and welcome to a new school year! I am so excited to have your child in my class. This year will be full of new, fun, and challenging learning opportunities. I can’t wait to get started! I grew up in Newmarket and went to Bogart Public School! I enjoy playing many sports including soccer, softball and hockey. The student’s will often hear me talk about our puppy Levi. My favourite subject is math however I really love teaching literacy and getting hooked on a new book! On the weekends you will usually find me biking, walking the dog or swimming if the weather permits! I can’t wait to get to know all of you! Looking forward to another great year of learning!

Contact information: Agenda is always best as that is checked daily


Classroom website:

Phone: 905-836-8041

Friday Folders

So, you may ask the question, “Where was my child’s graded math test? I never saw it come home.” Problem solved! This year we will use a ‘Friday Folder’. Throughout the week, I will put any graded work into your child’s Friday Folder. On Friday when we pack up, I will hand out each student’s Friday Folder. Inside will be the graded work.

There is one side for pages that can stay at home (these do not have to be signed) and another side for pages that must be signed and returned to school.

This folder goes home on Friday and MUST come back to school Monday with the signed assignments inside. By using this folder, all graded WILL come home and won’t go missing!

Expect these to come home EVERY Friday, unless otherwise noted.

Homework Policy

The only homework students will bring home from my classroom is their reading log and weekly word work. I suggest students work on both these tasks daily (Monday- Thursday) so they don’t need to catch up at the end of the month.

If a student is away, their missed work will be sent home to be completed. If the student needs extra assistance, please send the work back so I can review it with them.

If a student has fallen behind and needs an extension on an assignment they should talk with me and we can discuss a timeline for completing and handing in the assignments.

If there is ever a time when your child is overwhelmed with work at home, please reach out to me so we can discuss!

Reading Logs

Students must read every day listed in the reading log for that month for at least 30 minutes. They must write the title, how long they read and get a parent to sign off. (Just because you read for an hour one day does not mean that counts for the next day. You must read every single day!)

Students that read every day (and this is reflected on their reading log) will get to enjoy a movie and receive a treat on the last Friday of every month.

If students do not read every day for the month, they will have to complete a small assignment before they can watch the movie. They will not receive the treat.

Students must bring their reading log on the LAST FRIDAY of the month to be able to watch the movie.

Word Work & Spelling

In our class we will study a set of 18-20 words weekly. Students will complete a word work package that is due on Fridays before their spelling test. Spelling tests will be on Friday’s. The layout of these tests will change throughout the year. It will start as strictly spelling but as the year goes on it will involve definitions of words.

Students are given their new word work package on Friday’s (in Word Work Folders). It is to be handed in the following Friday.

Spelling tests will also be sent home in the Friday folder so you can see students mark. It is expected that students work on word work at home and study spelling words in preparation for their test.

Technology Information

Our classroom will use lots of technology! Students will use all the technology available to us throughout the year to expand their knowledge of technology and how it can be used constructively in our daily lives. Students will create PowerPoint presentations, learn basic coding skills, complete online research, and more throughout this year!

From time to time, homework may be assigned that requires the use of a computer, tablet, or smart phone. For me to plan these activities and plan appropriate accommodations, please complete the technology survey (in the student forms package sent home) and return it as soon as possible!

As we all know, the use of technology is not without its setbacks. In the event of technological difficulties or issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do everything I can to help!

Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom. All personal devices (other than SEA’S) must stay at home or in the locker unless a BYOB has been filled out. If any cells phones are brought into the classroom, they are taken away and given back at the end of the day. BYOB forms are sent home in the student forms package. If a student has their own technology (computer, tablet) they can bring this to school if they have the form signed and returned.

Please also sign and send back the cell phone policy form.

Homework Buddies/Absent

To ensure students are staying on top of their work we have a homework buddy system in our classroom. Students will choose someone to be their homework buddy that lives close to them. They will take their buddy’s homework to them if they are away and vice versa. We have discussed this as a class and students have chosen their buddy based on location.

How the Buddy System Works

Your Responsibility

If you are absent, check the website for work assigned that day and phone your homework buddy. Plan with your buddy to pick up or drop off the work/handouts you missed as soon as possible. Ask your buddy questions about the work if you need help.

Buddy’s Responsibility

If your buddy is absent, remember to take notes, write down important information and collect handouts/any work for each subject that day. Put it in a missed work envelope for your buddy. Take the work with you at the end of the day and contact your homework buddy to drop off or have the work picked up as soon as possible. Answer questions that will help your buddy complete the work.

Make sure you return the homework buddy form to Miss Macken ASAP!

I will post the homework buddy list on our classroom website under the homework buddy tab. If there is ever an issue and the student cannot get the homework to their buddy, please let me know.

If your child will be absent, please let the office know through EDSBY or phone and send me an email so I can collect appropriate work for them.

Supply List


Erasers (I suggest Staedtler Rasoplast)

1 pack of markers

1 pack of pencil crayons


1 pack of highlighters

Ruler and protractor

Blue Pen & Red Pen

Black Sharpie (regular and thin)

Earbuds (small that will fit in desk)


Each student will be given an agenda. Agendas will be used DAILY in our classroom. It is an expectation that your agenda is brought to school every day.

Parents - agendas should be looked at and signed each night

Please note: I will be supplying students duo-tangs for each subject. They do not need binders, folders or anything to hold their work. Storage space is very limited.