To ensure students are staying on top of their work we have a homework buddy system in our classroom. Students will choose someone to be their homework buddy that lives close to them. They will take their buddy’s homework to them if they are away and vice versa. We have discussed this as a class and students have chosen their buddy based on location.


Your Responsibility

If you are absent, check the web posting for work assigned that day and phone your homework buddy. Make arrangements with your buddy to pick up or drop off the work/handouts you missed as soon as possible. Ask your buddy questions about the work if you need help.

Buddy’s Responsibility

If your buddy is absent, remember to take notes, write down important information and collect handouts/any work for each subject that day is put in a missed work envelope for your buddy. Take the work with you at the end of the day and contact your homework buddy to drop off or have the work picked up as soon as possible. Answer questions that will help your buddy complete the work.

Make sure you return the homework buddy form to Miss Macken ASAP!

I have posted the homework buddy list on our classroom website under the homework buddy tab. If there is ever an issue and the student cannot get the homework to their buddy, please let me know.

buddy list

Asad - Quinn

Hannah - Tina

Jacob - Abhiraj

Audrey - Stellena

Feiya - Andrea

Xavier - Anna

Soloren - Xavier

Preston - Marcus

Andrew - Kanna

Josephine - Lily

Isabella - Arley

Max - Cole

Aishwinny - Violet